A woke up an ma brehn felt like it haed got plaistered at a pairty.
A haed a drooth in ma mooth, an ma airm wis aw numb an deid.
A wis lyin on the settee in front o the telly.
But ken whit wis the maist sair? Ma hert, no ma heid.

See, the thing is, A'd only been doverin
- an fir an oor or twa, nae mair -
but the votes haed nearly aw been coontit by then
an it wisna lookin guid fir the rest, that's fir shuir.

Noo, A'm ettlin tae pit it ahent iz.
The disappointment's fadin awa
an aw A can think o is spiders
an aw yon Robert the Bruce stuff - that's aw.
The odds were mibbe stackit against us,
but we still gied it oor best shot.
Aw A can think o is spiders, spiders.
Gin ye dinna gie up, an the baa's no burst, the gemm's no lost.
The gemm's no lost.


The Scottish independence referendum took place on 18 September 2014. The "No" side won, with a 55.3% vote against independence.

Still, that may not be the final word on the matter.